Flight School Training Airplanes

We fly the following aircraft:

  • Cessna 172SP with traffic warning, touch screen GPS, digital glass cockpit instruments and analog instruments.
    180hp fuel injected Lycoming engine, autopilot, latest Garmin touch screen GPS, Garmin G5 glass instruments, audible traffic warnings
    Aircraft are also available for rental after you have completed your training. Discounted rates during flight training. $138-$160/hr

    Flight School Airplane Cockpit
  • Cessna 172N with analog instruments, from $130-145/hr.
  • FAA approved BATD simluator and HD triple-55" display visual simulator.
    Our HD simulator will save Private Pilot students many hours of expensive aircraft rental time. Take advantage of this low cost yet very effective training tool.
    HD Airplane flight simulator
  • AIrcraft rental for certificated pilots requires a checkout (subsequent 90 day currency) and rental insurance.
    After submittal of all paperwork there is a open book aircraft written quiz and a checkout flight.
    Please note that the rental checkout is not a lesson, if you need to get current or familiar with the airspace and procedures please schedule a separate session.

Contact us at (818) 731 7064 for reservations.