The best value in flight training in Van Nuys

Our flight school offers pilot training courses in Van Nuys, CA. You can get started with our introductory flight lesson and continue to get your Pilot certificates.

Visit our flight school and learn more about our flight training options in Van Nuys, make an appointment today, Contact us at (818) 731 7064 for reservations.

Flight training at your own pace

You choose your own schedule and arrange your training to fit your needs.

We train weekdays or weekends, evenings or early mornings.

You can choose to train full time or part time, anything in between, the ultimate flexibility.

First Flight Lesson/Introductory Flights $199 - $398

  • Your first flight lesson (also as gift certificate) $199 - BUY IT IN OUR SHOP

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    • The best flight training program in Van Nuys

      Experienced flight instructors and great airplanes.

      Reduce your flight training cost by using our flight simulator.

      Train at your own pace.

    • Private Pilot Certificate Training Made Easy

      Train using our Private Pilot online ground school program and flight simulation software to help realize your dreams.

    • Van Nuys Flight Training
    • 2022 Accelerated Flight Training

      Accelerated flight schedules are now open for 2022.

      Make an appointment with our office to get started.

    • Special Flight Training Rates Available

      We have programs to fit every flight training budget. You can choose form accelerated or part time pilot training courses.

      Email us for our special rates which maximize your savings.

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